tisdag, mars 20, 2012

Rock your ♥ out

Be      an     everyday      Rockstar.

Dare to add some rock n roll touch in to your style, 
It marries the style of Boho hippie in a fantastic way and creates a personal and a bit of quain feeling. A bit of decadence, still charmy. 
Digg out your chunky rings and big hats. Bring a belt or two, more is more.
Play with dark colors, Lether and fur mixed with silk and velvet.
Think stage smoke.

 Add some awesome boho rockchic style and be an everydag rockstar... 

The Style suites beautiful Abbey Lee Kershaw like a glove 
hereby styled for in German VOGUE.

...and hey, THANK YOU for looking in to my mind, 
your always welcome back.

Take care !!

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