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DETAILS make the difference

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GO BOHO - The modern hippie

Nicole Richie, Blake Liverly, Rachel Zoe, Sienna Miller, and The Olsen sisters — They have all fallen in love to it.  And devoloped a style code in to fashion. Their fashion style consists of oversized Accessories, sunglasses, scarves, flowy maxi dresses, and oversized blouses with bows and cufs. 
The front faces for this look can´t be other than Miss Rachel Zoe. The women have developed a liking for bohemian or hippie fashion—where its influences are mostly the outfits gypsies and hippies wore during their time. The boho-chic look is a combination of a lot of styles, includes a lot of personality, It is often tagged as the“homeless” look, since much of its influences are from gypsies and hippies, who pretty much lived a carefree life. This is one reason why the boho-chic look is a bit eccentric and unconventional, since it has incorporated a lot of styles from different origins.

StylingTips from Clothing Stars.com;

Tip 1: The older, the better. – Since most of its influences are from the 70s era, go for anything vintage. Sometimes you may want to be resourceful—you can look for an old pair of jeans, then probably cut it to turn it into denim shorts. Look for an old, tattered (yet presentable still) shirt. When worn properly with denim shorts, then paired with feminine cowboy boots, and matched with chunky accessories such as bangles and necklaces, you can go ahead and congratulate yourself for having achieved the rugged boho-chic style.

Tip 2: Loose and anything oversized is the way to go. – The prerequisite to a boho-chic look. An oversized blouse made from silk, a floaty(picture it) dress with flowing sleeves, oversized sunglasses, loose trousers—all these are essentials in the boho-chic wardrobe. Make sure it is not too loose—you still want to consider its proportions so it will fit your body just fine.
Tip 3: Prints Power. – Prints that come in fun colors are the best choice. Find that one blouse that feature small flower prints. For a dainty, feminine look, wear it with a maxi-skirt, then slip into a pair of gladiator sandals.
Tip 4: Accessorize. – Accessories are important. Sunglasses, bandannas, long necklaces made from silver, gemstones, rings, hoop earrings, bangles, bracelets, hobo bags, scarves.

Remember that the boho-chic look is the best way to express one’s individuality. A word of caution though—you need to have a sense of fashion and lots personality to pull the bohemian look off. Don’t try too hard, or else you’ll fall flat to your face. The key here is to just be yourself, play around with what you have, and see where it takes you. That is, after all, the bohemian philosophy.

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Rachel Zoe


The celebrity stylist/reality TV star/designer know as Rachel Zoe has made a career out of her incredible knack for knowing what people want. Although Zoe works with high-profile clients and has a very notavle sense she does not have any formal fashion training.

She, togetter with her friend in fashion, the reality TV star and Nicole Richie, became pioneers of the ´boho chic´look. This look consists of oversize jewelty, loos-fitting maxidresses parent with a slim frame. 

With her amazing style and eye for details she have taken the place as one of my own personal
 house goods in fashion.Everything she touch turns in to Fashion.


Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 -  New York Fashion Week.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week.

Her own Fashion brand ´Rachel Zoe´was released in Fall 2011. And pictures from the summer shows in NYC blows me away


Rachel Zoe, Molly Sims, and Rodger Berman attend Rachel Zoe's Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week presentation.
Photo: Gaby Wilson

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