tisdag, januari 24, 2012

Get outside the box.

Dare to get outside the Box

...and inside a container.

Bring a mix of personal favorites, a delicious combination of your own mind.

Dare to experiment with unexpected things in your home. And to avoid getting to much mess; use a source of inspiration, like a ground spirit to fall back on. Chose a style, a material or a color to get inspiration from. Or make an easy mood board to follow. OR just let your innerself go nuts.

Create contrasts between new and old ways, hard agains soft and put the expected side by side of the unexpected. This creates an interesting and adventurous home with a large dose of personality. As you know, I´m an junk Lover and I must say, Getting deep down in a container or a rag fair could be an interesting hunt for treasures, or just follow your heart and instinct in to an old flea market.

Delete some of your lines of how "it should be done", stick a foot out of the box and dare to use your creative thought around how your home could look like. It´s fun to visit and spend time inrooms and homes like this.

Bring courage and use humor. Dare to be different!

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